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Rules and Regulations


Please take note of the following items: 

1. Pets must always be on a leash and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to pick up after their pet and properly dispose of any waste. 


2. In order to maintain the appearance of the property, we ask each homeowner to mow and trim their lawn regularly.


3. Homeowners may not, under any instance, encroach on the common grounds of the property. More specifically, no plantings, recreation equipment, fences, sheds, pools, etc. may be placed on the common grounds. Such items may only be placed on the homeowner’s property.


4. If you currently infringe on common ground with recreation equipment, fences, sheds and pools, etc., please begin the process of eliminating the encroachment. Over the next few months, the Association will be assessing all common grounds with the Township and site engineers to identify areas where an encroachment has been made. Notice will be then issued to the homeowner to abate the encroachment.


5. The Board, now formed, must be notified of any plans a homeowner may have to add a fence, shed, pool, etc. All plans must be submitted to the Township for permits prior to construction. Also, all homeowners are expected to conform to local codes as required by the Township.


6. Trash should be kept in clean, sealed containers in your garage or in such a location so as not to be visible from the street.


7. No obnoxious or offensive activity is permitted on any lot, nor should anything be done which may become an annoyance, hazard or nuisance to adjacent homeowners. 


8. No property lot should be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, lumber, wood, metal scrap, garbage or other waste.


Attention to these few items as well as the other restrictions in the bylaws will significantly improve the aesthetics of the property. When we begin our enforcement program, homeowners who violate the rules will be notified in writing and given a short period of time to abate the violation. Violations which are not abated may be subject to a per day fine of $25. While we do not relish sending violation letters or fines, we do take our job seriously and we have been given clear direction by the Board to ensure that homeowners comply with the rules.